Monday, May 19, 2008

Blog 2 Win a Wii and Wii fit game!!

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to win a Nintendo Wii along with a Wii fit game.
All you have to do is blog about your most embarrassing fitness story. Lucky you if you don't have one of those!!
I have a few, but I think this one is the best (worst).

My Embarrissing (I'm-bare-ass-ing) Story...
I have always been overweight. I am one of those girls who are too embarrassed about their size to go to a club where all the skinny b*tches are showing off their bodacious bods. I tend to stay at home and go for walks or bounce rediculously around my house to an exercise tape(I should really put up some curtains)! Well, for some reason I was having a bold moment and signed up for a trial membership to a gym. My son was about 3 yrs old or close there-of, and I left him in the daycare while I went to fumble around with the new-to-me equipment. Well, I tried a few things and thought maybe I would have more luck with a stationary bike(I think thats what it was).
Anyhow, I was doing pretty good on the thing, making eye contact with fellow healthnuts (lol) smiling, waving "Hello" and so on. I must have started going too fast or perhaps it was just a moment of awkwardness. Somehow my feet left the pedals and with myself still pedaling (it happened fast) I catapulted myself off to one side. However, my britches were caught on the seat, I fell to the ground (all but my ass) and was hanging for a brief moment before my shorts gave way and ripped the entire back out. All the way down the seem, and across the butt and name it. The back of my britches were blew the heck out! I got myself off somehow, I could hear the snickers as I ran to the locker room. One guy couldn't hide it and was in full blown floor banging kicking cackeling mode. (I'm sure if I turned around he would have been laying there doing that too). Being a novice, I wore my workout clothes to the gym, so I didn't have a bag, or a change of clothes. Just my purse, which was too small to cover the wreck.

And now comes the embarrassing part....
I stayed in there for a few minutes leaning against the wall and deciding what to do. Did I mention I don't wear panties? Well, yeah it gets worse! I have to get my son outta there and bee line it for the parking lot. I toyed breifly with the idea of going through lockers trying to find something that would fit or something I could tie around my waist. But I couldn't bring myself to do that. So..... nothing to it but to take a deep breath and make a run for it right? Wrong!
I get down to the daycare room and while standing in the door, trying futiley to cover my rump-a-roo with my hands/purse. My little angle refuses to leave from across the room, I plead that I will buy him anything he wants if he comes now. That works and he leaves yelling at the top of his lungs what he would like me to buy him. Now that he has everyones attention on the way down the hall... he is Be-Bopping behind me when he yells "OOHH, Mommy I can see your Boom Boom! Mommy, you should cover that up! Why is your Boom Boom out? Mooommmy, you have little red dots on your Boom Boom, there's a lot of them Mommy." I try saying don't worry about it, we have to hurry to the car. I can hear more snickering and I think some of the people who watched me take the spill had followed for the rest of the action. My son without missing a beat, says, "Why are you sick? Oh, you don't want people to see your Boom Boom" We are almost at the door, I have to stop to let a group of people heard through. My son had scurried up for a closer look at my butt, apparantly he was fascinated. All of a sudden he yells "MOMMY!! You have hair on your Butt!" I feel my knees getting weak, I feel like I could pass out, or pee my pants. That was the last I could take, I swoop him up and run for the car. I have

I feel safer bouncing around awkwardly to my videos.

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